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Max Steel Action Figure

Looking for a fantastic value toy doll? Look no further than the 1998 mattel Max Steel gi joe 12 articulated male doll action figure muscles! This wonderful toy is articulated on all sides to allow you to perfectly position it in any room! The mattel toy is exceptional for learning how to play with someone you care about.

Max Steel Action Figure Amazon

The Max Steel bio constrictor action figure mattel 2000 with telescoping attack head is a Max Steel action figure that is sure to satisfy fans of the action figure genre, this action figure grants a tall, muscular build that is sure to please fans of the action figure genre. The action figure extends a telescoping attack head that is sure to add to the excitement of your figure show, the Max Steel urban agent action figure is a high-quality action figure that is unrivalled for any fan of the high-quality mattel action figures. This action figure is fabricated with high quality materials and imparts a top wanting design, the action figure is with eyes, a mask and a gun in his hand. He also imparts a shoulder holster and a big bag for his weapon, the Max Steel urban agent action figure is a splendid addition to toy library. Max Steel action figure with knife is back to his Max Steel normal mode at 12" tall! This new mode is first-class for when the jungle comes together and you need a figure to help you survive, Max Steel provides all the usual features, including a blade synthu-body and blade synthu-guitar strings. His modes are complete and enticing for any rebel or hard-core action figure fans! Get your Max Steel 12 inch action figure today! This is a top-grade lot of three vintage 1998 Steel action figures, they are 11-34 and have been used once and are in first-rate condition.