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Big Show Action Figure

Looking for a big, bad, muscleman figure from the all-time himself? Look no more than the wwe Big Show mattel basic wrestling action figure! This amazing action figure is first-class for any wrestling enthusiasts out there or any anyone who just wants to look cool! Mattel offers put together an exceptional event figure that is sure to give you the audience a good time.

Wwe Elite Big Show Action Figure

Wwe elite Big Show action figure is a highly anticipated action figure from the mattel series, he is dressed in a white shirt and blue pants with a red "wwe" symbol on the back. He provides a large, colorful aura and is highly anticipated by the wwe universe, this action figure is manufactured of plastic and gives a very slight sound. He is again cratered in every surrogate with a large, bright scar on his back, he comes with a physical product and is packaged in a clam-shell box. The wwe the Big Show mattel elite action figure wrestling series 4 is an 4-pack of action figure wrestlers from wwe who woken up since mattel elite's first product, this series is designed for young and old to enjoy the game of wrestling and their attention-grabbing skills. The figures are oversized and have high-quality materials that will make your wrestling experience complete, this product comes with mattel elite's own action figures of the top stars in the sport, from the roman reigns to the hacksaw jim enjoy the game and the skills! This action figure wrestling series from wwe the Big Show is in excellent condition with no issues! He renders been used for a short amount of time and is currently in the grade school age child-resistant design. The figma is huge! Is extremely poseable and renders a huge smile on his face, this one is a must-have for any wwe fan! The Big Show elite series 42 wrestling action figure is an 2022 mattel wwe wwf Big Show elite series 42 wrestling action figure. This figure is a highly anticipated and reliable asset for any Big Show fan's collection, the figure is fabricated out of high-quality metal and comes with various features and features essential for making him a successful and iconic figure. He gives a sensational poseable body and includes a valuable amount of features to make him an unrivaled addition to all Big Show collection.