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Vintage Wonder Woman Action Figure

This Woman action figure from 1984 is sure to please anyone interested in that era of comic book reading! She is all the top and under-the-breath clothes you would expect from a Wonder Woman story issue! Her hair is in high demand too, but we've got a little bit of everything to choose from.

Vintage Toybiz DC Comics Super Heroes Wonder Woman MOC 1989 sealed New figure
1988 Burger King Dc Comics

Vintage WONDER WOMAN Cup Holder

By Burger King


& Hard Cover Book

Wonder Woman DC Masterpiece Edition

By Masterpiece Edition


Lynda Carter Wonder Woman  Dressed Doll (b)
Lynda Carter Wonder Woman  Dressed Doll  (a)

Vintage Wonder Woman Action Figure Walmart

This Woman action figure doll from the comics series dc comics is in good condition with only minor use marks (once on the suit and once on the shoes), the suit imparts crew cutting and the shoes have signature design. This action figure is approximately 10, 5 inches tall from shoulder to heel. This Vintage Wonder Woman action figure doll is fabricated of clay and is air-tight, it is only 11" tall and is fabricated of plastic. It is moreover only 3, 5" wide and 3. 5" wide textured, it is brought to you from an exceptional big sky. This action figure is manufactured of Vintage and is in fantastic condition, it is a peerless addition to your collectible dollhouse. This is a practical deal for a Vintage 1984 super Wonder Woman action figure, she renders all the techniques and attacks from the comics, including the cutesy nicknames like "the little witch of 1 witches way". This action figure is a splendid addition to all collection, this action figure provides an unrivaled design with a beautiful Woman in action! She is cute with a top-of-the-heap personality. This is a splendid value for your home office.