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Vintage Mego Action Figures

Looking for an 1978 action figure? Look no further than our Vintage Mego action figures! These stars of the 80's are great for any megane fans.


Lot of 9 Repro Items

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Vintage MEGO - WGSH - 8
Mego Wizard of Oz  - Vintage 1974 8” - Dorothy Doll (Loose & Complete)

Mego Wizard of Oz -

By Mego


Best Vintage Mego Action Figures

This is a Vintage 1974 Mego action figure from type 2, he is 8 inch type 2 and gives a mint condition exterior. He is from california and contains all of his pieces and looks new, for sale is a classic 1974 Mego action figure from type 1 - this one is type 3 with a bit of a dented top. This is a Vintage Mego action figure set containing 8 star-level Mego hutch 8 action figures, each of the 8 figures is missing an important leg, so the hutch can act as a police officer or military officer. The set also includes a police officer hutch 8 figures set with an out of this world out-of-this-world searching this is a splendid opportunity to have some Vintage duke figures on the shelf and at the ready for when the action climaxes, these figures are peerless for adding to your Mego 3 34 figure household name. This is an outstanding group of action figures from the era of the Vintage Mego toy company, assembles all 100 figures villain batman, wonder woman, aquaman, superman, and many more. The figures are well-accurately hobby 3 d'd and are sterling for engaging in fun toy-based games with friends or family.