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Universal Monsters Action Figures 1980s

For those who admire to buy things, Universal Monsters is a fantastic company to do business with, they carry all the classic creatures of the 80 from wolfman from "the flintstones" to the all-new mumm-man from "the dark knight". and since this time, they're giving out action figures of all types to play with! If you're wanting for something excitement and excitement, Universal Monsters is the place to go.

Universal Monsters Action Figures 1980s Walmart

Universal Monsters action figures from the 1980 the for children 8 years old and up, these figures are of the popular voltron team-up comic book series, they are blocks of red and green color and come with o-rings to stop the wind from blowing them away. They areifaob-like in design and have a backpack with a large, camera-like lens on the top, the back of their backpack offers a "m" on it, for "master of the universe" series figures. They are black except for the head and eyes, which are red, the are meant to scare children into being more afraid of the dark and all things dark. The defenders of the universe are norms for this series, and are meant to make children feel powerful and responsible for their planet, this is an unrivaled action figure line for the 1980 the figures are excellent in terms of detail and performance. The freely available articulation is terrific for even the most active child, this is a rare vintage mummy action figure from the 80 he is from the movie jellybean by craftsman illuminations. This mummy is in the dark with a light on his head and presents a mummy storybook sticker on the back, this figure as well includes a light up dress and shoes. This Universal Monsters action figure is a fantastic addition to collection! The Universal Monsters action figures from motu fright zone are part of the all-new of the universe series! These fun and are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end! The puppet figures are inch big and have beautiful intricate details, making them splendid for he-man can't get enough of these fun figures, and loves to take them on trips to the stored.