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Turbo Man Action Figure

Looking for a cool action figure that will add some excitement to your community event? Look no further than Turbo man! His jingles are guaranteed to keep you on the floor.

TURBO MAN BOX for 13 and 1/2


By Tiger Toys


- Jingle All The Way

Turbo Man Action Figure 1996

By Unbranded



Turbo Man Action Figures

This action figure is a reincarnation of the "turbo man" character from the "tiger electronics" series of mobile devices, Turbo Man is a pilots of his own and a team of technologies to make up his own route in the air, dodging obstacles and attacking with his jets. The Turbo Man action figure is essential for action figures fans and is a sterling addition to your character collection, Turbo Man is an amazing action figure that is first-rate for fans or those who admire to get their hands on new toys during toy sale. He comes with an 13 inch deluxe edition figure that includes a first rate faceplate and a number of his features which include a fabulous Turbo Man voice effect, Turbo Man is a fun-loving action figure that loves to have a good time and enjoy playing with his friends. He is likewise a very intelligent figure that knows all about cars, cars, and more cars, he is in like manner a top-notch figure for families that want to add some excitement to their home theaters or play rooms. If you're scouring for an outstanding selection of Turbo Man action figures from past years, when you action figure you'll find just what you're digging for, here, you'll find all sort of Turbo Man action figures of different sizes, colors and sizes. Whether you're scouring for the regular Turbo Man action figure or the action figure with the most parts attached, we've got you covered, we also have a selection of other action figures from other brands, granted that searching for something specific. Which action figure is best for you? This amazing action figure features a jingling of its own "turbo man" theme song, and is available in both a male and female pose! Plus, include some best-in-class included accessories including a "turbo man" cap, teal eyes and a black hairband, add this top grade piece to your Turbo Man collection.