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Shakespeare Action Figure

Looking for a fun and colourful surrogate to add intrigue and excitement to your Shakespeare action figure line? Don't look anywhere than this delicious removable quill pen action figure! This fun and unique figure is top-notch for adding interest and excitement to your figure post-marketing campaigns.

Lord Crumwell’s Oddfellows The Writers Collection JailBreak Toys 2007
With Removable Book & Quill Pen | #11188
S (choose Person) Freud Shakespeare

Archie McPhee Historical Action Figures

By Retailer Of Awesomeness


Shakespeare Action Figure Walmart

This Shakespeare vinyl figure is a must-have for any Shakespeare fan's collection! He is from the "waves of london" and is based on the william Shakespeare scale from the globe Shakespeare company, as you walk around him he will "vibrate" and "sizzle" with life. The figure is carrying on the tone-o-matic routine, and replying to questions from the audience, he is very excited to meet you and will desire to see what you make of him! This Shakespeare action figure is complete with a quill pen and book. The figure is new and open at only $10, this is a peerless deal for a product that is new and open. This Shakespeare action figure is practical for a shopper interested in the to mare tales, this historical 6 action figure of william Shakespeare is an amazing addition to all home collection. He is\-embellished with beautiful enamel and diamond designs, the figure is in near mint condition with no flaws. This product is sure to achieve a (memento precious), this Shakespeare action figure is with removable book and quill pen. He is 11, 1 inch tall and presents an 1118 pt dimensions. This action figure is fabricated of plastic and is black.