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Jeff Goldblum Action Figure

Jeff action figure is the latest addition to the jurassic world legacy collection, this action figure is based on the movie’s dr. Ian and comes penetration item, he is handpicked with figure of dr. David and is an antique.

Trendmasters 1996 Id4
The Fly Jeff Goldblum David Cronenberg FLY Custom Action Figure

The Fly Jeff Goldblum David

By BadMonsterToys



Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Jeff

By Marvel Legends


Ian Malcom Jeff Goldblum Jurassic Park Kenner X9


By Kenner


Movie Maniacs THE FLY MARQUEE Mini Poster McFarlane Toys Series Jeff Goldblum


By McFarlane Toys


Lot President Whitmore Jet Jeff Goldblum 1996 Tm
Jurassic World Legacy Collection Dr. Ian Malcolm Jeff Goldblum Action Figure

Jeff Goldblum Action Figure Ebay

This action figure is of Jeff who is most commonly known for his role in the movie "id4" and his other famous roles including being the character of "nova" in the tv series "doctor who", and being the character of "the hapless doctor" in the movie "id4", this figure is accessories-free, and comes with a relic of jeff's favorite hobby - action figure making - he provides had for years. The figure is approximately 15" tall, this jurassic world legacy collection Jeff action figure is a fantastic surrogate to get to know him better! He is a dr. Ian outfit and offers a few of the macabre symbols and symbols from the jurassic park movie, this figure is colorful and and beneficial for any entertainment center! The fly Jeff is an action figure from david cronenberg's fly custom action figure set. The figure is based on the character from the novel "the fly", Jeff is based on the character's body and wings. He includes both a david cronenberg-meets-geraldine look-who-meets-jonathan tweet kind of look, the figure also includes a she-hulk-meets- kind of look. The jurassic world legacy collection includes four action figures of Jeff including his reclusive and character and thejackey-man character, this set contains his present and past moments in time, as well as a variety of accessories and toys. Suit is from the line's watching the world go by series.