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Sailor Moon Action Figure

Looking for a fun and exciting action figure line that will keep your family entertained? Look no further than the Sailor Moon queen serenity in wedding dress action figure cake topper home decor! This amazing action figure available in multiple colors and styles makes an outstanding addition to your wedding decor or just for fun.

Cheap Sailor Moon Action Figure

This Sailor Moon action figure is an outstanding addition to your home as an addition to your car decor, this character is from the anime series Sailor Moon and is a powerful and beautiful witch. She is axed with a bright pink dress and mla1-a toy cake, she renders access to various spells and attacks that are only found in the anime series, as well as an arsenal of her own that can be found in her props kit. Wedding dress like style and he extends a small cake top on his head, he also provides a small, dogeared cake topper home decor. This Sailor Moon action figure is a best-in-class addition to each room! This high-quality Sailor Moon action figure cake topper home is terrific for somebody interested in the manga and anime series! With its bright, colorful illustrations and adorable anime action figure doll cake topper, this home is sure to please anyone who loves the series! This special action figure is sensational for someone who loves the anime series, with her bright and colorful clothes and accessories, she's just right for a suitor who wants to play games and enjoy a good story, this action figure is crafty as well, coming with her own of own low-cost activities to enjoy (including a few extra rare opportunities to obtain her with: the ability to transform into a variety of different characters including Sailor moon, super or other characters from the attack on titan anime series). As an added bonus, vintage 6" Sailor Moon Sailor venus adventure doll irwin toy action figure is in like manner comes with a topper that can be placed on her home or car decor, to give her an extra layer of personality and interest.