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Darth Vader 12 Inch Action Figure

This 12-inch action figure from the star wars line is a beautiful brown and black design with white vader's markings and is full of character, he is available now at most major retailers and is an exceptional addition to each collection.

Star Wars Darth Vader Interactive Electronic 12-Inch-Scale Action Figure

Star Wars Darth Vader Interactive

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Gentle Giant Star Wars Darth Vader Concept 12 Inch Jumbo Action Figure

Gentle Giant Star Wars Darth

By Gentle Giant


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Vintage Star Wars 1978 12"

By Star Wars


With Lights And Sounds!
Complete Original
Lot  - Darth Vader / Storm Trooper
Complete Box
Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader (Obi-Wan Kenobi) 6-Inch Action Figure

Darth Vader 12 Inch Action Figure Ebay

This 12 Inch Darth Vader action figure is a fantastic addition to each fan's collection, not only is he a cool design, but he imparts a number of features and capabilities that make him a splendid surrogate for any toy or game set. From his jet packs to his blaster fire, he's capable of doing everything fans of the star wars galaxy would love, so come on over to 22 nd century suburbia and take a look at his future. This! Toy! Is! Vintage! 1978! Kenner! Star wars! Darth vader! Toy! 12"! Doll! You'll adore getting your hands on this amazing toy! He's got a nice coat of paint and a sensational attitude, just like the character from old pictures! This toy is moreover large enough to michigan, or anywhere in the world where star wars is popular! 2013 hasbro star wars Darth Vader action figure is a terrific toy for a shopper who loves star wars! He's got a nice attitude and a strong action figure body! This toy is furthermore a beneficial toy for a shopper who wants a nice, clean reference pic to adopt in their action-figure, org or this toy is in like manner a practical toy for an individual who wants a nice, org or introducing an enticing title for the ultimate action figure! This Darth Vader 12 Inch action figure is unique and sideshow star wars's own patterns: sith apprentice 16 scale sdcc exclusive figure. With its sleek black finish and identity, star wars Darth Vader 12 Inch figure is sure to give your fans the most wanted figure they will ever have, with a size of 16 scale, gentle giant star wars Darth Vader concept 12 Inch jumbo action figure is sure to become an instant classic. If you appreciate spending your time outdoors, then this 12 Inch action figure from star wars is exquisite for you! With a clean lines and some excellent articulation, this droids star wars Vader figure is puissant for anything you want to do! From the3-d environment, to play in the around the room game, this vtg 1978 star wars Darth Vader figure is something you'll love.