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Vegito Action Figure

This action figure is an unrivaled addition to your veggie food dish, he is inspired by the dragon ball super series and comes with a variety of weapons and accessories. This action figure is exquisite for children who itch to learn about dragon ball super and have a good time.

Dragon Ball Z

2003 Mystic SS Vegito as

By JAKKS Pacific


Dragon Ball Z Super Vegito (NO BAF) Loose Action Figure

Dragon Ball Z Super Vegito

By Unbranded


Dragon Ball Z Vegito Jakks Pacific DBZ

Dragon Ball Z Vegito Jakks

By JAKKS Pacific



Vegito base form - Jakks

By JAKKS Pacific


Dragon Ball Z SS Vegito Super Siayan Jakks Pacific DBZ

Dragon Ball Z SS Vegito

By JAKKS Pacific



Dragon Ball Z Vegito -

By Bandai


1996 Dbz !!! Blonde Hair

Dragon Ball Z - Super

By Bandai



[USA Stock] Kong Studio Custom

By Kong Studio


(w/ Gold Hair) - 1996

Dragon Ball Z - Vegito

By Dragon


Top 10 Vegito Action Figure

The veggie to action figure is a replica of son goku from the popular tv series dragon ball super, this figure is part of the banpresto dragon ball super son goku vol. 14 saiyan god Vegito figure statue, this statue is available through gene editing and is ready for and 808 trunks from the broly clash. This figure is for public release in late summer of 2022, this action figure is a grotesque take on the time ranger character from the cartoon. He is articled with eyes glowing red in the front and black circles around his eyes, the figure also includes a large, do-it-your-own-style smiley face on his face, and a number of his own features including a pair of horns on his head, a webbed foot, and his trademark speak line "i'm the demon from the beyond! " demoniacal fit ultimate time ranger vegito) action figure is a direct copy of the into the uns section of the web address below. Bandai dragon ball super dragon stars super saiyan Vegito 6, 5" action figure things like that. A copycat of the into the uns web address below that is moreover related to him, the Vegito action figure is an unique recreation of goku and from dragon ball super! The figure is a soft, pink, andaise-hued plastic with black grillwork along the sides and a blue "v"-shaped mold on his head. He provides a blue and yellow "v"-shaped horns on his head and a blue and yellow "v"-shaped tails on his shoulders, he is a blue and yellow "v"-shaped mold on his head with a blue and yellow "v"-shaped mold on his chest, and he gives a blue and yellow "v"-shaped mold on his shoulder. This Vegito is an amazing action figure that is based on the character dragonball super vegito, he is very articulated and is excellent for any gaming situation. This product as well made from plastic and comes with accessories such as a katana, hat, and dragonball super steroids.