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Transformers Prime Soundwave Action Figure

Transformers Prime Soundwave is an outstanding addition to your Transformers collection, he is top for lovers who adore to watch movies and tv shows. He imparts a beautiful sound wave effect that will make your Transformers collection grow even more.

Transformers Prime Soundwave Action Figure Ebay

This is a preliminary version of this review, of this review. We hope you enjoyed it! Transformers Prime Soundwave is an unfinished action figure that is complete only in idea and color, in idea, he is a bright green with a white mask and white arms, while the color change makes him look like a modern day transformers. The micron Soundwave himself is a nice touch, as is the ability to sound like him perfectly, however, he is only incomplete and does not have any features over the regular soundwave. In fact, his head is not even attached to his body! This makes for a rather unappealing figure, but he is still a top deal for the price, this Soundwave action figure is a valuable addition to your Transformers Prime collection! and all, sensational for adding some action to your robot friends! Plus, with this new Prime Soundwave figure, you can finally match any robot with its own voice! Transformers Prime is a brand new Soundwave action figure from the japanese toymaker, takara tomy. This figure is a production of the american company, american media, inc, and is currently available for purchase at action-figure. Org store of the product, this is an action figure grade Soundwave core class ravage Soundwave ravage soundwave, this purchase includes an upgrade kit to help you inflate the Soundwave to size and a ravage Soundwave ravage soundwave. This product comes with a core class ravage Soundwave ravage soundwave.