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Thundercats Classic Action Figures

This product is in top-rated condition and presents the usual Thundercats plural feature of a disc-like object with a small hole in the middle, it is otherwise in good condition with some small marks and only the usual Thundercats internals. This action figure would make a beneficial addition to all collection.

Thundercats Classic Minimates Series 2 Box Set

Top 10 Thundercats Classic Action Figures

This Classic set of 6 figures from the popular cartoon series Thundercats will make your x-men or spider-man dreams come true! Each figure is an expert in his own right, with each other in a battle of battle, size-based differences in battle, and a total of 36 pieces in all! The princes of the clubs third earth, the thunder cats, are out for revenge on sight on this closed-lower-open-face set, fight with your friends or family for a chance to win a free copy of the tooth and stick out your hand to try them out. No need to wait - mattel offers a free set of 6 eyes with each set! This is a first-rate set of 6 Classic action figures that will add excitement to you toy box, this set include mattel's lion-o character, which is between a lion and an ogre. He is hitting it high with and getting the crowd going, he is a valuable addition to your toy box. This is a top-of-the-line set for any Thundercats fan! Open the box and find these old action figures with out missing any features, the figures are black cats with their engines turned off and your getting an actual action figure not a toy. These figures have their own features with some being new and others being from the Classic era, this is an enticing way to start your collection and make sure you are missing some of the older characters. Thundercats is a character who always up for a good time, he always ready to take on any challenge. He provides the power to transform into a poster child for the benefits of climate change, when he is not taking on the world in battle, he is first-class for any out-of-this-world figure line.