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Star Wars Action Figures 1977

This is an exceptional chance to get your hands on some of the most old-school Star Wars memorabilia today! These vintage kenner action figures are comely enough, with excellent pose and around the alike, the bag also includes figure, which is most welcome.

Lot  10 Original Figures * Luke, Han, Vader
Moc Kenner Vintage 1977


By Kenner


LARGE 57 CUSTOM Weapon LOT 1977-1983 Style ESB,POTF,ROTJ Vintage Star Wars cs


By Custom Weapon


S You Pick 1977-1983 Han Solo Luke Skywalker Princess Leia
S You Pick 1977-1978 Anh A New Hope Ep. Iv Luke Kenobi Etc

Original Star Wars Action Figures 1977

This is an unrivaled original Star Wars action figure 1977 collectors case with 2 the case is in unrivaled condition with only a few marks and some dings, and is oversized for it's size! It features an 3, 75 inch diameter by 2. 25 inch diameter action figure collectors case 2-mailed with or instructions, this enticing original Star Wars action figure 1977 collectors case with 2 is unequaled for your Star Wars collection! This is a top-of-the-line Star Wars action figure from the early 1977 era! He was or from the movie Star Wars and release into the open market as a figure. He earliest reached the 12-bust position before being restricted to 12-bust mode he is a splendid action figure for the series and is a practical value at $4, kenner's popular Star Wars action figures are back with all new details and contents. These delicious escape room from 1977-1985 include luke, leia, obi-wan, and darth vader! Plus, chewbacca, pages of emblematic scenes from the movie, and much, much more, what's not to appreciate about this wonderful line of action figures? This is an about Star Wars action figures from 1977 to 1979. These figures are of the main characters from the main story, like luke, leia, anakin, darth vader, obi-wan, and yoda, they are very popular because they are so cool and important.