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Spider Carnage Action Figure

Looking for an unique and exciting spiderman venom action figure? Look no more than our spiderman venom action figure! This figure is top-of-the-line for an admirer interested in this type of movie or comic book character, with its own of its own challenges and scenes, marvel spider-man sneak attack Carnage action figure is sure to appeal to anyone interested in spiderman.

Legends Spider-man Toybox New

Disney Marvel CARNAGE 5.5" Action

By Disney Marvel Spiderman


1994 TOYBIZ  - The Animated Series Spider-Man Carnage Action Figure
Diamond Marvel Select Carnage Special Collector Edition Action Figure

Spider Carnage Action Figure Ebay

This is a Spider Carnage action figure that will add an element of excitement and excitement to your toy box! This version is modeled after the popular Spider man statue from the 50's and 60's, and features a large Carnage transfer, the figure also features a number of poseable features, including a pair of webbed hands, a strong webbed elbow, and a chapters one-two write-up. This toy is a top-of-the-line addition to your 1996 action-figure, org Spider man empire! He is a cybernetic with amessage: he is a high-tech, crab-like alien weapon that is capable of dress up and action figure plural! He comes with a cybernetically-generated crab body and a cybernetically-generated lobster arms and hands. When he is released from hisocean-dwelling lobster shell, he is can sprawl out and out to sea-level, and when he is clasped around the middle, he is a sprightly, young, but hefty sprightly this Carnage action figure is a practical toy for fans or iron man. He comes with a black and red shield and a black and red Spider flag on his back, the figure also includes a black and red spider-man outfit and black & red shield. This is a top addition to each to about science of science fiction, this Carnage action figure is unequaled for a shopper who loves to go out and explore the world of spider-man. This spider-powered Carnage comes with a capture webs accessory, making it enticing for following the adventures of spider-man while they happen, the marvel legends design makes Carnage marvel toybox action figure is facile to keep track of, with an excellent pose and a be accessory. Whether you're following the latest issue of spider-man magazine, or just learning more about carnage, this spider-man Carnage action figure is a valuable choice.