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Sin Cara And Kalisto Action Figures

Wwe Sin Cara And Kalisto figures are back And stronger than ever before! In this battle-driven pack series, they come in two forms - driving cute Kalisto figures And avocado-loving dragon figures, get down for a games! Or get the 46 th in a pack of this.

Sin Cara And Kalisto Action Figures Ebay

Wwe Sin Cara And Kalisto action figures are back And they are in a battle pack series! This set includes 2 figures: 1, Sin Cara - challenges others with his sultry eyes 2. Kalisto - power through the pain with his skilled deep punching this set is a top alternative to keep you in order And ready for any situation! This set includes Sin Cara And action figures in armor! The set is full of action And excitement for fans of the wwe Sin Cara And figures! Looking for a fun And exciting battle dragon figure line that you can dress up or down as you please? Look no further than the Sin Cara And Kalisto figures! These fun And stylish figures are unequaled for any wwe series, this is a fun action figure set for the chapter 42 2 pack.