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Secret Wars Spider Man Action Figure

Secret Wars Spider Man is a figure from the era of mattel's Secret Wars campaign to create dominate the market in the mid 1980 he became famous through his role in the movie Secret Wars and the subsequent two movies of the same name, as well as various comic books and cartoon series, outfitted with a black suit and a web shooters, his action figure popularity with each successive movie. In 1985, mattel formed a joint venture with corporation and histories operations to create action man, a line of action figures and toy products, action Man was an instant hit, and his popularity continued long after his product line was discontinued.

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1984 Secret Wars Loose Action Figure ~ Spider-Man

Secret Wars Spider Man Action Figure Amazon

This vintage 1984 Secret Wars Spider Man action figure is a fantastic addition to your treasure chest! This figure is associated with the marvel cinematic universe and comes with 4 figures (spiders, doctor octopus, iron man, and black panther) and an eric be ers origin story! The suit presents a delicious amount of dust and keeps the price at $4, 99! This vintage 1984 Secret Wars Spider Man action figure is a beautiful piece of art! He is a black suit with a green Spider bite sticker on the chest, and his web of science chemical-pink hair is swirly and fun! This figure is in like manner limited-edition and comes with a collectible, hidden accidentally-removed instruction booklet! He is a terrific addition to display space, and is sure to impress anyone who sees him! This is a sensational opportunity to have a practical digging action figure in the Secret Wars series. This suit is exceptional for lovers who appreciate to see a Spider Man action figure on the big screen, the suit is fresh and excellent for that top up take. Include a copy of the story, ps4 code, and get it while they last, this action figure is a beneficial reproduction of the vintage 1984 mattel Secret Wars black suit Spider Man marvel action figure. This action figure is manufactured of plastic and is white in color, it provides a Secret logos on the neck area and is manufactured of metal. It is in like manner made of metal and is white in color.