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Rusev Action Figure

Looking for an exciting and exciting merchandise offer? Look no further than rusev! Our Rusev action figures are first-rate for any fan of wrestling who loves to go the gym and take on the weekend, this mattel figure is the nxt takeover series wrestling flashback look and is packed with what appears to be a beautiful nxt championship around his neck. The figure also grants an elite mattel figure title on his back that tells you all you need to know about his power and pace, this Rusev figure is an outstanding surrogate to add some extra value to your ebay purchase.

Alexander Rusev 2014 Mattel WWE Wrestling Elite Flashback #34 Figure

Alexander Rusev 2014 Mattel WWE

By JAKKS Pacific


Mattel Wwf Wwe
Wrestling Miro Aew

WWE USED Rusev & Lana

By Mattel


WWE Mattel Elite Series 65 Rusev Action Figure (Read Description)

Best Rusev Action Figure

This Rusev action figure is a first-class addition to all collection, with his powerful Rusev is sure to turn any match-up into a battle. Large-scale recreation of the indian wrestler mattel wwe elite Rusev figure jacket! This figure is based on the real-world idol of the same name, which is located at the mattel wwe elite Rusev figure museum in india, the accompanying jacket is a beautiful, large-scale replica of the mattel wwe elite Rusev figure museum jacket! This action figure is a top-grade addition to all wrestling figure collection! Rusev is a sterling incomplete mattel customizer and unequaled for any wwf wrestling figure collection! This Rusev action figure is an awesome addition to your wrestling section! It is a super star brown and white cat action figure with a mattel part that says "superstar Rusev bear mask". This figure extends a peerless look and is unequaled for your wrestling set up.