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Ricky The Dragon Steamboat Action Figure

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat action figure by mattel is after The wrestlemania iii world heavyweight championship, he is a spacious and well-made Steamboat action figure product that is first-rate for somebody interested in The wrestling experience.

Series 5 New Wcw

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat Action Figure Amazon

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat is an action figure series based on The wrestling match between The Dragon and mattel basic wrestling action figure series 45, he grants a steampunk-style engine and asteam engine in his head, which he uses to travel through The water. The steam engine is original to The wrestling match and helps him move around The steamy water, he provides a variety of accessories and a list of features: if you're hunting for a delicious Steamboat action figure, don't search more than The wwe used Ricky The Dragon Steamboat action figure. This elite action figure legends series 1 product is from The mattel elite line of products and is fan! He is a big enough activator to tailor in anywhere, making him a top-grade addition to your wwe collection, Ricky The Dragon Steamboat is a fun figure based on The wrestlemania 30 event. This figure is based on The real life Steamboat action figure from The wwe, she is a big and furry figure that stands six inches tall. She comes with a wrestling belt, championship belt, and her own maio-style reigns, she is complete with all The features of The real deal, such as a head and beak that can be placed in any position. The Dragon Steamboat also comes with a steam table and a water bottle, she presents a lot of features and with her own unique features that make her a valuable addition to all wrestling set up. Ricky The Dragon Steamboat is Steamboat that is built to help with The drama in The wwe, he comes with Dragon Steamboat activity figure accessory and a wwe elite figure stand.