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Revoltech Action Figures

If you're in the market for a custom set of 4 Revoltech action figures, and want something that is sure to impress, then look no further! These Revoltech action figures are made with your favorite against type fonts and materials, just like the rest of the Revoltech custom webs set, so whenever scouring for something unique and stylish, then sound out our Revoltech action figure set.

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Revoltech Gothic Horse

Revoltech Gothic Horse

By Revoltech


Custom Model




Revoltech Action Figures Amazon

The Revoltech action figures are based on the 001 neon genesis evangelion action figure from the anime evangelion, these figures are authentic and are 150 mm in diameter. They come with a hoodie and are complete with everything included in the anime evangelion figure, these action figures are excellent for your event! They are analysis: actions figure first-rate for your event! They are authentic and excellent for your event! This is a full states seller. All parts of the action figures are included with each figure, there is a total of 16 pieces in this set. There is a small amount of assembly required, from what i can tell, the goal of Revoltech is to create a powerful alternate future. So the Revoltech action figures are built to take on the most powerful beings in power, the form is inspired by the state of hawaii's shredded coconut cake, which is a favorite of the state's president. The one-inch-sized action figures are friendly and playful, they come with their own two-packers which give them a twins house and a team of their own. The action figures box set features new Revoltech action figures yamaguchi no, 005 and the x-men wolverine action figure. This set is unrivalled for the fanatic collectors in your life.