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Rambo Action Figure 1985

This is a terrific vintage 1985 Rambo action figure, he's open and there's some good old-fashioned action figure goodness inside. If you're searching for a good, old-fashioned fun, colonel Rambo force of freedom action figure is the figure for you, he's fantastic for any activity.

Toy Collectible


By Coleco


RAMBO: The Force of Freedom, Colonel Trautman Figure, Vintage 1985/86, New MOSC!
RAMBO: The Enemy of Rambo, Sergeant Havoc Figure, 1985/86 Vintage, New! MOSC!!
RAMBO: The Force of Freedom, Fire-Power Rambo Figure, Vintage1985/86, New! MOSC!
RAMBO, The Force of Freedom, White Dragon Figure, Vintage 1985/86, New! MOSC!!

Rambo Force Of Freedom Action Figures

This Rambo force of freedom action figure set comes with 30 pieces and three figures, it is a sterling surrogate for a suitor digging for a summer activity or for individuals searching for a character from the movie rambo. This set is in like manner unequaled for fans of video games and toy products, this Rambo action figure is a valuable addition to your vintage Rambo collection. This figure includes many of the features and details of the first blood movie scene, including an and a he is painted in an amazing 1976 style and includes a coke can and knife belt, this Rambo figure is superb for any collection! This vintage 7 in action figure is an exceptional addition to your 85 th book! He is dressed in a black polo shirt, red polo dress, and brown slacks. He grants a black arm band and a black peace symbol on his right shoulder, he is additionally with his favorite "freedom" symbol beer applicator kit. This figure is highly recommended! This vintage 1985 Rambo fire power action figure is a beautiful design! The character is a "make america sensational again" t-shirt and his tool belt is filled with weapons and cartridges, he imparts a "rambone" tattoo on his back and a "military" tattoo on his head. He is likewise a "lawyer" tattoo on his back and a "grade a" tattoo on his head, this Rambo action figure is top for collectors and enthusiasts of vintage 1985 fire power action figures.