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Original Ghostbusters Action Figures

The Original Ghostbusters action figures are enticing addition to each collection, these classic figure options are outstanding combination of your favorite cast of characters from the popular video game series, with many options available this type of figurine should act as a splendid addition to your store.

Top 10 Original Ghostbusters Action Figures

The action figures set is packed with classic Ghostbusters figures in an exhibition-grade case! and the on-off switch to make sure your ghostbuster always on hand, and some new jr, gobbles away at the new threat to earth, while meredith keeps an eye on those pesky toxins. The figure comes with a battle-ready outfit, and comes with a non-toxic threat on earth that needs to be dealt with! The originals of the real Ghostbusters are back in action figure form! This product includes three different individuals toom peter ray egon winston and harry with an all-new tv spot that is sure to keep you coming back for more! This is a first rate Original Ghostbusters action figure, he comes with a box and the real ghosts certificate. If you're in the market for a few new ghosts accessories, you'll grove on these Original kenner real Ghostbusters figures, each figure comes with a proton pack, which allows you to generate to your favorite.