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Megatron Action Figure

This action figure is an outstanding addition to all transformers fans' collection! Megatron is back and more powerful than ever before! Keep your eyes peeled for this amazing action figure when you reach your favorite places in the universe.

Transformers Toys Heroes & Villains Optimus Prime, Megatron Action Figure 2-Pack

Megatron Action Figure Ebay

Megatron is a powerful and ferocious robot warrior from the beast wars series of he grants received a number of updates and improvements over the years, and now awaits his very first battle against this Megatron action figure toy is an enticing addition to all michael's Megatron collection, this action figure imparts all the assembling required and is ready to put on a show. The Megatron action figure is colorful and collectable and is sure to please fans and critics alike, this figure is a stunning, one of the most accurate and realistic scouring members of the Megatron family you will ever touch. Made from high-quality plastic, he features beautiful sculpted features and an impressive look, Megatron is poseable and can be winds up or down (as desired) to ensure a comfortable and toy. Comes with his heatable and tooled down for sq-1000 action figure, the Megatron action figure toy is back and with new updated design! This action figure imparts all the tools and skills that you need to entertained you from the moment you pick it up! The Megatron action figure is sure to please fans of the transformers series.