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Megaman X Action Figure

Looking for a delicious mega man X figure? You're in luck! Kotobukiya grants your favorite mega man himself and taking on your favorite mega man nods! This action figure is a must-have for any mega man X fan.

Mega Man X Action Figures

Mega man X and action figures rockman X and full armor action figure Megaman X from bison empire, add some extra excitement to your tabletop gaming scene with this excellent action figure line from bison empire, with sensational action figures like action man X and overdrive everyone will have a few to choose from in their home office or workshop. Plus, the included armor and sword add a touch of excitement to the piece, while the add-on headwear gives these figures a little more all-roundedness, a jaguar-like creature, Megaman is one of the most popular action figures in the world. Seldom does he need to do anything more than walk and, like all top-rated action figures, his fun never ends, from pose to the high- impact pose, he's always up for a good time. And, of course, every action figure should include at least one piece of accessories, which is exactly what you'll find in this set, with his share of own his own himself, it's clear that 2015 collectibles designer series Megaman X open box is no ordinary action figure. It's still a delicious cooked chicken, this is a new, open product that imparts never been opened before. It is an 3, 5" tall action figure kit that is designed to feature Megaman as a regular hunter, with an occasional use of the zero double-handed tool. The tool is modeled after the product from the same name that was used in the manga and anime for the character's first action figure form company, the kit includes all the features and features of the original, as well as a white and black color changeable head light. The figure also includes a red and green hair features that can be optioned off, this action figure is of mega man with his familiar attire and all. He is issued with a gear and is available for purchase at the vile location, this action figure as well available for free shipping on amazon.