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Leatherface Action Figures

Looking for a chucky figure that will add fun and excitement to your store? Go through childs play chucky 8 action figure! This action figure features chucky with a growling stomach, mexican-themed clothing, and plenty of blood, he also grants a chunky barbed wire bandana on his head and a white patch on his chest. He’s got a lot of personality and will add even more excitement to your store.

Neca Leatherface Action Figure

Looking for a horror toy that will add to your texas chainsaw massacre collection? Don't look anywhere than Leatherface action figure! This model is an 8" tall action figure from the horror toy line, Leatherface is and- sometimes -venerable with a strong work ethic. He is based on the character's character traits and tattoos! This figure is decked out in blood-drenched clothes and imparts a texas-style sawed-off shotgun in his hand, if you're hunting for a figure that will add to your texas chainsaw massacre collection, don't look anywhere than leatherface! This action figure is themed after the texas chainsaw massacre and can act as a fun addition to your child's collection. With a durable leather face figure, this doll is ready for playtime, of use is that & scale accessory ko Leatherface bloody is can be easily added to a play space, top-of-the-heap for developing hand-eye coordination and communication. The toyz designer series mds texas chainsaw massacre 1974 Leatherface action figure is a top-rated replica of the character Leatherface from the movie "mesmco toyz", this mds electric toy chainsaw is an exceptional addition to your child's or adult child's collection. The Leatherface action figures are back and better than ever! With this set, you'll be able to play your favorite and don't miss out on any other opportunities! Plus, these action figures and tough, making them sensational for game needs! From arcade games to-はんわせん! -*slam*- the 'leatherface' action figures are splendid surrogate to add excitement and excitement points! Whether you're playing the game or searching at them, the are sure to please.