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Guan Yu Action Figure

Guan Yu action figure is a beautiful 16 years old female commander that is well known for her brave and successful campaigns against the three kingdoms, this war story 16 three kingdoms action figure is top-rated for any store hunting for an excellent in-house shopping experience.

Best Guan Yu Action Figure

Is the only place to go for figure rights to official action figures from the three kingdoms dynasty, this library of history and culture will be followed by fans and experts alike as they uncover the secrets of the story behind the figures. From the rising to the power of china to the fighting skills of sun quan, these figures are sure to intrigue anyone interested in chinese history, Guan Yu is a military commander who is the sister of the king. She is struggling to survive in a world where the king is a warlord, one day, she discovers a hidden city and learns that the city is being held by the warlord. She is able to save the city and the people there before being able to defeat the warlord and protect the city, the honor of kings Guan Yu is a collectible figure from the kings of glory line. He is based on the popular game show host Guan Yu and features an unique custom piece of artwork by series artist committee ward gurley, this action figure is first-rate for any entertainment purposes! This Guan Yu action figure is 100 original girls action figures, and is a model mg-02 Guan Yu mecha mobile suit. She is 10" tall, and is equipped with a machine gun and adolescence boots.