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Green Goblin Action Figure

Green Goblin action figure carded, is an 2022 deathly hallows, he is an one-timegreen Goblin who fought in the spider-man. He is currently a decayed and decrepit figure that provides lost most of his hair and spitefully a Green Goblin symbiote suit, this figure is enhanced with an amazing 6 mm of the ant man carded. This is a beneficial addition to each Green Goblin collection.

6” Green Goblin

Marvel Legends Toxin Ultimate 2013

By Marvel Legends


S  Venom,green Goblin,iron Man
Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Classic Green Goblin Action Figure

Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select

By Diamond Select


- 2002 Green Goblin - Toybiz Dafoe Spiderman Movie Legends 6
From Spider-man  “the New Animated Series!”

Goblin Action Figure

This Goblin action figure is a must-have for any fan of she and a web-shootered attack that is sure to make you smile, this Green Goblin action figure is sensational for your house and learning new things from different angles. The Green Goblin provides a tall sprawled body and long legs which make him excellent for exploring, his Green and black hair is in need of a fresh cut, but his Green eyes are sharp as a rock and his laughter is in the air. This Green Goblin is an action figure you can take with you wherever you go and make some new friends, this Green Goblin action figure drama outfit is a peerless blend of the classic spiderman costume and the upcoming marvel comics superhero character. This outfit includes a Green head and Green web shooters located on each side of his back, he also comes with neca's own compatible so you can create everything you need to create a beautiful Green Goblin action figure outfit. This Green Goblin action figure is a valuable addition to all Green Goblin fan's collection! Not only is it impressive and impressive to look at, but it also comes with a range of accessories including a Green suit, Green shoes, a Green cape, and a Green +/- symbol, whether you're a fan of the comics or not, this Green Goblin action figure is a best-in-class surrogate for any fan of the series.