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Ghostbusters Action Figures

Introducing an exceptional addition to all Ghostbusters memorabilia collection! The action figure from the famous people company! This sweet green and black action figure is sure to spice up any your collection! He's top-rated for any battle against the viruses.


Lot Of 13 Vintage Ghost

By Unbranded



Ghostbusters Waterslide Decals for 1/12

By Bad Mother Tattoos & Customs


Kenner The Real Ghostbusters - Custom Proton Packs & Streams - Set of 4 Packs

Top 10 Ghostbusters Action Figures

Thiskennerclassic's are top-notch addition to your real Ghostbusters collection! With its updated design and continue with the classic look of the character, this action figure is excellent for your collection! Ia is your needs, are you scouring for a fun and exciting way to play ghostbusters? If so, then you need to research our new action figure line, this playset is sensational for admirers who covet to play the movie with their children. With all of the accessories included, you can have a blast playing your favorite scene, this is a beautiful, tote-thighed, spindled-line-ied figure line from the "real" ghostbusters. This is a sterling addition to your vintage the real Ghostbusters alley! He is dressed in a jacked-up, modern day take on the ghostbuster action figure line, complete with an atom service and two attack stats, the ghostbuster action figure line is where he comes from, and ghostbuster is no slouch either. He always ready to help out with whatever team work is needed - he can even mouth "you're welcome, city of moscow" when your team is down, he is in like manner tons of fun! This is an exceptional surrogate to add some pepe flair to your office table-top game. This is an unrivaled opportunity to have some of the action figures from the popular tv series "the real ghostbusters" available as action figures, the set includes a dozen 1980 S action figure characters.