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Gambit Action Figure

This action figure is a sensational addition to you x-men! He protectors record-breaking first time release and is a vital part of your x-men! This action figure is first-rate for your x-men and is a part of the x-men series.


Hasbro Marvel Legends Gambit X-Men

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Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select: Gambit Action Figure

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X-Men Gambit Marvel Diamond Select

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Diamond Select 2011 Complete

Marvel Select Gambit X-Men 7”

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Marvel select Gambit  Action Figure
Hasbro Marvel Legends GAMBIT Caliban Wave
Marvel Legends Gambit Retro

Gambit Action Figure Amazon

Are you digging for a new and exciting action figure line to add to your collection? Look no more than the marvel legends hasbro x-men series Gambit 6 action figure 2, this action figure is sure to entertain and educate your audience! This action figure is a terrific representation of the x-men Gambit character from the marvel legends line. He is a blue and orange shirt with a green and yellow sunburst and blue and green wings, and grants a red discus and gold coins upon his head, the figure also features a black and red negligent shield, and a black bow with white stars on it. This action figure is a top-of-the-heap addition to iron man or ant-man collection! He is dressed in a sensational mix of green and black and comes with a selection of accessories! This vintage action-figure, org deluxe edition 10 Gambit action figure is a fantastic addition to your toy box! He is a Gambit suit and provides a brand new gold and silver scheme on his body. The toy is packed with features and is sealed perfectly! This toy is sure to get birthday gifts and party favors this year.