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Futurama Action Figures

Looking for some new Futurama 6 figures? Look no further than the new fry amy for the inevitable new figurine release! These unique characters are based on the six figures from series and are sure to add to the feeling.

W/ Suicide Booth Moore Action Collectibles New

Futurama Bender 6" Action Figure

By Moore Action Collectibles


Custom 3D Printed Hypno Toad Futurama Hand Painted HypnoToad

Custom 3D Printed Hypno Toad

By Unbranded


Futurama Hypnotoad 3
Kidrobot Futurama Series 1 Lot of 2 Lrrr & Nibbler with Accessories & Boxes
Futurama / Zapp Brannigan / Toynami Series 2 w President Nixon head / Unopened
S Toys

Futurama Action Figures Amazon

The Futurama 3 vinyl series is back and even more exclusive! For every 2 nd unit purchased, we will give you $10, ! Sadly, we have to that this will only last until the first of the year 2028. In which case, ! Sadly, the last two units will be gone. This to Futurama zap and action figures 2007 robot devil is a first rate addition to each to party, this action figure features zap and in action figures form of poses and adventures. She renders a feeling that custom 3 d printed hypno toad Futurama hand painted is will be popular with to fans! The first in a series of Futurama action figures is new, ready-to-wear, and top-rated for any fan of the show, this is modeled after depicted bender fry and and features a correctly-hued metal finish. It contains information and stats about including color, size, and price, don't miss out on this valuable for any action figure lover! Are you scouring for a new toy to add to your toy box? Sound out our new Futurama action figures! These 6 action figures are peerless for your toy box, and they come in 4 different colors! You can also try out one of the nibblers to get a little more information on the show.