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Devilman Action Figure

This Devilman action figure is a peerless addition to all anime fans' or housewives' collection! He is an unrivaled quota item and is low in prices! Get your hands on him today.

Made By Fewture. Fa-d01  Version 2 New On Card
Go Nagai
Blk And White Variation Toys Anime

devilman action figure blk and

By Japanese Toys


Devilman Action Figure Walmart

This Devilman action figure is all-new from the ground up in the look and quality of the glow in the dark! This action figure is designed with your favorite Devilman characters from all different in all different sizes in any pose you want! The all-new action figure renders an exceptional detail level and is excellent for any display or play situation! The 1990's saw the development of several new and innovative action figures, one of these figures was japanese designer and artist go nagai's own become-and-icial devil man action figure. In 1998, edition, we get to go through this fresh new creation, which is a loose-based, action-packed figure, the figures popularity and its ability to out-balloon larger role-playing game characters is well known, but how was it for him to take the title of "the king of the jungle"? This action figure is of the character in the manga and anime series devilman. The figure features a salt and pepper design on her skin and a red Devilman cape with a white Devilman name on the back, she is a red and black dress with red and black balloons on the chest. This Devilman action figure collection features akira banpresto's latest creation, devilman! The figure is a figma and features amazing detail and color options, including a variety of expressions and accessories including a light up movement tool, a microphone and other gear, this Devilman action figure collection is a top-grade addition to each collection, and is sure to please any fans of anime and manga.