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Darth Vader Green Lightsaber Action Figure

Introducing a first-rate all-around character in his own right and as a title-piece to your star wars Darth Vader Green carded non-hologram 3, 75 inch action figure! This exciting action a Green Lightsaber and all the accessories to put you down on the front line, be the first person to put a stop to the evil oni's taking over the galaxy with this amazing action figure.

Cheap Darth Vader Green Lightsaber Action Figure

Darth Vader Green action figure is back! This issue is forget the normal action figure, get the Darth Vader Green Lightsaber figure! This figure includes a combination of and movie scene details, making him a peerless addition to your rebels or team! Get your Darth Vader Green figure today! This action figure is a product of the star wars power of the jedi series, Darth Vader with Lightsaber flashback figure is a beautiful action figure that features a beautiful, fresh look at Darth Vader with the lightsaber. This figure is a sensational surrogate to start your star wars power of the jedi collection, and is sure to add excitement and value to your collection, this Darth Vader Green Lightsaber action figure is an unique variation of the action figure from the 1997 star wars movie. This action figure features a hologram-sealed card with his name and number on it, this action figure is a sensational addition to all force-based gamer out there. This one is especially practical for granted that a fan of the series! He is large and heavy, but still to operate his Lightsaber effectively, the Green color is unique and stylish, while the brown eyes and effective.