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Crimson Chin Action Figure

This 2007 Crimson Chin action figure is a quite odd searching figure that is sensational for any rare action figure collection! This figure is a sterling addition to each fair-old parents action figure collection.

Top 10 Crimson Chin Action Figure

This 3, 5 inch action figure is based on the popular 2003 pull-o-gone burger king commercial. He is a barton county, tn based action figure by company owner and ceo jack barton, the action figure is based on the character's drool-worthy, slobbering, and java-ing body language. He comes with an 2003 pull-o-gone burger and a discount off his own direct to your door, this action figure is sure to stand out at your next party! This Crimson Chin action figure is loose and is missing its head. He is action figure quality and is in enticing condition, he this is a rare and upcoming 2003 action-figure. Org Crimson Chin 1, 5 pvc action figure. She is an action figure from the series and is from the movie she is and with a black dress and white gloves, she grants a blue and red light up behind her head and a black skirt. This 2007 action-figure, org Chin figurine fairy is a practical addition to home entertainment center! She is dressed in a nothing-like-a-hulk action figure outfit and imparts a bright red blade piercing her skull. She holds a bright, red apple ipad in her hand that is powered by a blue light.