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Carlito's Way Action Figure

Introducing a top-notch alternative to complete your action figure collection! This 16 scale surrogate al action figure is first-class for the beginner or the experienced action figure collector, made from high quality plastic, scale carlito's substitute action figure is exceptional for any purchase.

S Al Pacino


By For Sideshow Hot Toys Medicom Brother Blitzway


1/6 Blitzway Carlitos Way - Money and Necklace and Braclet
Stand Carlito's Way Carlito Brigante #03
Ultimate Masterpiece Figure

Best Carlito's Way Action Figure

This action figure is a magnificent work of art! It is puissant for any fan! You'll be among the first to see the power of the blitzkrieg strategy game in action! Plus, watch as powerful skills are put to operate in some amazing battles! This is an amazing surrogate to add to your charlie collection, it is an 16-inch figure with a black body and black arms and legs. He offers a black headband with a white charlie name on it and a white united states of america flag on the back, he provides two eyes on his head and an automatic door handle. This game-piece is dandy for any charlie action figure collection! This stand is excellent for any action figure lover or collector, it is 16 feet long, and can be easily moved. It is manufactured of sturdy materials, and is fantastic for displaying your favorite action figures, this stand is valuable for displaying your action figure on your stand. With its 16-scale preparation box and comfortable handles, this stand is top-grade for a person who wants to add an action figure to their stand.