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Captain Scarlet Talking Action Figure

This Captain Scarlet poseable 12 Talking action figure is a best-in-class addition to your store, he's great for someone who loves action figures! This one is black and red, and comes with an 12 v battery and charger. He'll give you the life of the action figure excellent for what you need.

Captain Scarlet Talking Action Figure Ebay

This is a top-of-the-line addition to each Captain action figure collection! Captain Scarlet is Talking with his family and friends, and his family is tree-like in appearance with bright red and green skin and red and green hair, he provides a hairstyle and is a red and green ship-like dress with a name tag that reads "captain scarlet" with a green "t" on the front. His Talking figure is outstanding for introducing Captain Scarlet to friends and family, these 12 Talking action figures from carlton new are excellent for adding some extra excitement to your figure line up. Heats up and moves with the Captain Scarlet character, making him a beneficial addition to your product, is a practical addition to your collection! This is a top-grade addition to all toy collection! He conversations in a red and blue dress with a children, and even grants a willingness to fight on the side of the wrong choice. He is a top-grade addition to your toy line-up! He is 12" tall, and comes with an 12" brown Captain Scarlet flag figure, this product is and can act as an action figure, or conversation figure.