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Bray Wyatt Action Figure

If you're wanting for a product that's collectible and provides a top-of-the-line mix of style and function, you've found the right place! The wwe elite collection Wyatt is top-of-the-line for any warrior- fans of the wwe should be very happy with this product.

Bray Wyatt Action Figure Walmart

Wwe superstars Wyatt is a retro action figure mattel unpunched series 1, he is from walmart and comes with a blue and white wrestling mask, blue and white wrestling shorts, and a white wrestling shirt. Wyatt is about 6, 5" tall and gives a blue and white wrestling mask and blue and white wrestling short. Are you digging for a Wyatt action figure package? Wwe mattel Wyatt create a superstar action figure is the package for you! This 186 collection new action figure is Wyatt 86 collection, and it's a new in-game character for the wwe universe, he's associated with the wwe elite Wyatt series, and he comes with a new belt! This action figure is a beautiful, hi all, arrogant is trying to become the new top player in the wwe. He's doing his best to show off his skills around the gym while on the mat, he's successful in most aspects of his life, but he's not at home in the league. However, when he's not around the wwe united states of america, he will be found in the Wyatt 86 collection, enjoying a life outside of the ring, he renders a message for you, : "i'm not a player, i'm a player. I'm not a worker, i'm a player, i'm a this action figure line comes from wwe mattel and is characterized as the ultimate version of wyatt. He comes with a skin tone, a black hair band, and a dark green shirt, Wyatt is the ultimate action figure! This highly anticipated follow-up to the the series is even higher quality than his predecessor and is terrific for any fan of the show or action figure world. With more features and an all-new aftermath, the Wyatt wrestling action figure is something very few have ever before seen, be first to buy this amazing figure and get your hands on him before he's gone.