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Blade 2 Action Figure

This action figure set includes pinhead and tunneler action figures, this set is unequaled for engaging in playtime with your friends or family. Enjoy uncomplicated customer service from and get your action figure set of your dreams.

Cheap Blade 2 Action Figure

Blade 2 action figure from is an ultimate Blade figure that features a colorful design and is manufactured from high-quality plastic, he is compatible with all action figure series and comes with 2 packs. This 2 pack puppet master - Blade torch 2 pack action figure set is unequaled for your child's 2 nd grade art class, the figure set features puppet master - Blade torch and two other action figures, this set is top-of-the-heap for your child's battle between good and evil! Blade 2 is a new action figure line from tomy. This line is based on the burst db beyblade b-193, the line renders action figures for both male and female characters. The figures are poseable and can be used in battle against their enemies, this is a Blade 2 action figure from the beyblade series. He is a starter set with the launcher, he is Blade and air resistance making him a sensational starter figure for enthusiasts who covet to start playing with beyblade. This figure is produced of durable materials and comes with a lot of features that make him a beneficial starter figure.