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Batista Action Figure

Welcome to the Batista action figure keywords! Our wwe Batista build n brawl mini wrestling action figure is splendid for a suitor hunting for an unique and exciting toy to add to your toy box, this action figure is based on the jakks 3. 75 4 wwf toy line, and features enticing features such as a be shirt and heat-sealed gloves, plus, he imparts a sensational scouring green and black paint job and a first-rate poseable stance. This top for any action figure requirement! Our Batista build n brawl mini wrestling action figure is a top surrogate to add some excitement and excitement to your toy box, thanks for choosing our product.


2006 Jakks Pacific WWE Ruthless

By JAKKS Pacific


Series 33 - Bluetista Evolution (f-1)

Best Batista Action Figure

Wwe mattel Batista is a basic wrestling figure that is based on the wrestler batista, he is an action figure that is based on the actor Batista and is part of the he is a good searching and strong wrestler who provides a lot of charisma. This is the ultimate edition of Batista action figure, he is dressed in outfit from the wwe revolution. The figure renders all the features of the regular Batista action figure, including a first-rate pose, valuable paint job, and peerless decal set, this is an outstanding action figure for an admirer interested in the wwe revolution and want to buy it for use in their home or office. This Batista action figure from the basic series 46 wwf is a beautiful, bright green with white numerals on the sides, he is 6-1/4 inches tall with a light green hair and green eyes. He is packaged in a brown and green box with white numerals on the sides and features a blue and green wrestler's mask with a "wwe dave Batista figure" on the front, this action figure features a basic battery system and two small batteries, so it can be used with low power settings. The wwe elite collection series 30 Batista action figure is a new addition to the mattel wwe elite collection series, this action figure is a huge success with customers, with a top 5 favorite being Batista himself! He is available now at a very affordable price of $19.