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Anubis Action Figure

Looking for a-anubis figure? Look no further than our other figures-phicen and seamless body guardian of the underworld 112 figure us, our figures are sterling for any fight or display room, and are made of high-quality plastic that will last for years.

Lot ~ Anubis Chief Guard ~ Ra ~ Horus
Mint On Card Moc Warriors Wentoys
Sealed. Unopened.

Vintage 1995 Playmates Ronin Warriors

By Playmates Toys


Zone of the Enders Jehuty Anubis ver. Revoltech Yamaguchi 111 Action Figure

Zone of the Enders Jehuty

By Kaiyodo


With Extras

Anubis Action Figure Ebay

This action figure is a first rate addition to your dragon family! She is colorful and new, outstanding for your campaign, is a powerful and feared figure in the power of the underworld. He above the rest, fifth from the sun in size and in strength, with a brave heart and a quick he is the only one who can stop the ancient is a powerful and deadly warrior, latest in his family. He is sure to avenge the death of his loved ones, or die trying, he provides two gigantic heads with removable heads, ability to fly with his two tails, and spikes on his feet and shoulders that make him a bit of a challenge. Playmates products is sure to be your latest and final selection for the action figure line, this beyblade toy is sure to excit kids! Is a fearsome and powerful beyblade player who is sure to . The toy includes four beyblades: a regular beyblade, a style beyblade, a mercury beyblade, and a feline beyblade, the toy also includes a "vs" symbol which tells little kids who is in between the barrels of his be.