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Akuma Action Figure

The new Akuma action figure fighting body is the latest release from the street fighter v line, and what a sensational addition it is, with its own brand new action figure brand new! The Akuma action figure fighting body is that enticing blend of stylish and fighting like never before. So come on over to the street fighter v action-figure, org and buy your very own Akuma action figure fighting body today.


Sagat Evil Ryu Akuma Capcom

By Minimates


(sota Toys, 2005) - Complete
Authentic New

Storm Collectibles Street Fighter V

By storm collectibles




By S.H.Figuarts


Ryu Ken Guile Akuma Gouki Chun-li Super Game Toy

Akuma Action Figure Ebay

This action figure toy is manufactured to help enjoy the x-men and street fighter universes together, bison Akuma wolverine and rogue are both included in this figure, along with a few other exciting characters from the two universes. This toy is sure to provide laughs with its own unique laugh lines and will accompany any x-men or street fighter the street fighter action figure line grants gotten even more interesting with the release of the Akuma action figure, this figure is based on the figuarts akuma, but with changes and additions made to make him more individualized. This figure comes with access to the standard and only, so it's a top-grade addition for enthusiasts who adore to fight and fight hard, this Akuma action figure is a rare find. It's been years since he was last available for purchase, and sota gives failed to find any other homes for him that want him, he's a battle-ready version of the character, with his own of the game's classic poses and features. Be sure to get him while you still can! The Akuma action figure is a replica of the Akuma from the street fighter series, he is manufactured out of plastic and provides a dark green skin and black teeth. He features a black hair and adam's apple.